...simply a superb guitar instructor...

-Bob Patterson, parent of a student

Are you looking for the best guitar lessons in Austin?

338436 1480828115942 1691004344 693557 405378364 o 199x300 Are you looking for the best guitar lessons in Austin?Regardless of if you’re learning guitar from the very beginning, or you’re already an experienced player looking to take your abilities to the next level, it’s always a good idea to have a skilled, experienced and patient teacher to guide you along the way.  With a dedicated, experienced Austin guitar teacher such as Chris Primeau, an honors graduate from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, custom-tailoring guitar lessons to your needs, you’ll be sure to learn things you never thought possible.

Using his self-developed curriculum, made-to-order transcriptions and state-of-the-art digital tools, you’ll get everything you could want from your studies and more.  You can learn nearly any style including rock, pop, jazz, folk, country, funk or blues.  No matter if you are five years old or eighty, Chris has a plan to help you reach your goals.

If you want to learn your favorite song, just tell Chris and he will transcribe it just for you!  Do you have a son or daughter who wants to learn a new instrument?  Chris will use his positive, nurturing approach to give them the confidence they need, his own unique, step-by-step methods to strengthen their fingers and even help them write their own songs!  If you’re a life-long rocker looking to explore jazz, Chris will show you every chord you need to know and how to apply it on the genre’s most popular standards.  Maybe you want to learn how to take your chops to the next level.  Chris has an extensive library of exercises and etudes to get your fingers flying.  Or perhaps you want to challenge yourself with a whole rock solo.  Not only will Chris transcribe it for you, he will show you how to learn it with the help of new technology and put each lick in your own vocabulary!

Not only will you get the benefit of top notch lessons to aid your development, but you will also get the added bonus of studying in a top-notch teaching studio.  Centrally located on Laird Drive in the Brentwood/Allandale neighborhood, Primeau Guitar Studio has all kinds of features designed to make your learning easier and more.  Use the Amazing Slow Downer to change the speed of songs so you can play along at your own pace.  Listen to music out of a 2.1 sound system so you can hear all the nuances.  Have Chris play along with you on his electronic drum kit while you sing through a PA, so you can see how a real performance feels.  Parents can sit in the studio to watch lessons, wait in a comfortable living room atmosphere surfing wi-fi or simply drop their kids off and run a few errands.  Lesson notes will be given to parents to let them know exactly on what to work.  The best part is you will be the only student in the studio at the time, so you won’t have deal with any noise from other instructors/students blaring through the walls.

If music is something you truly love, it’s worth learning the best way possible. Why waste time studying from method books and internet sources, when you can have an experienced, professional teacher custom designing lessons plans directly catering to your goals, providing instant feedback and monitoring your growth? With Chris’ goal-oriented methods, players from children to adults and beginner to advanced can bring their playing to new heights. Learn new techniques in rock, jazz, blues, country, solo guitar and many more styles. Contact him today to schedule your first lesson and discuss your learning needs.


Half-hour $30

Hour          $50

Located on Laird Drive near the intersection of 2222 and Burnet.

elite 3 Are you looking for the best guitar lessons in Austin?Austin, TX

About Chris

340053 1447906412920 1691004344 661687 2379600 o 300x199 About ChrisMore than anything, Chris Primeau is a student of music.  Though he sang and played saxophone from a young age, he was always drawn to the guitar.  At the age of 13 he purchased a cheap guitar and amplifier with the money he earned as paper boy  and never looked back.  Originally enamored by the sound of rock music, Chris nonetheless honed his skills in the Community High School Jazz Band. His interest in music quickly blossomed into a passion, and as his dedication and work ethic grew, he started to win awards for his performances.  Clearly music was not a just a hobby, but a calling.

Upon graduation, Chris went on to study at Washtenaw Community College where he was mentored by the guitar virtuoso, John E. Lawrence.  Here he began exploring new material in classical guitar, solo jazz guitar and acoustic blues leading Chris to realize he would never be happy playing in any one genre; he had to explore them all.  This revelation led Chris to take his studies to the next level at the renowned Berklee College of Music.  Studying under guitar legends such as Tim Miller, Don Lappin, Jon Finn, Norm Zocher, Guy Van Duser and Jon Baboian, he strived for proficiency in every style he could.  Chris also began building his composing chops, writing his own funk/fusion works and forming a quartet for their performance.  A stand-out student, he graduated summa cum laude in 2009 with a degree in music performance.

A year after graduation, Chris itched for a new challenge.  His desire to grow led him to relocate to the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, in October 2009.  Thanks to the city’s creative environment, his teaching clientele exploded while he remained active as performer.  Today, he continues to play out, gigging with The Rocket Brothers Band, doing fill-in work for jazz, country, blues and rock groups, performing solo music sets and teaching both private lessons and group classes.  Never satisfied, he plans to attend graduate school in the future to earn his DMA in guitar performance.

Click here to see Chris’ professional resume.

Guitar Lessons

215665 613893021509 20802750 32431019 4004312 n 226x300 Guitar LessonsWhy study guitar with Chris?

I teach guitar with the understanding that every student has different goals, influences, strengths and weaknesses.  As such, I strive to craft instruction that fits the unique needs of each pupil.  My objective is to act as the student’s guide on their musical path.  I have experience playing and teaching music in nearly every Western style and work with students to design a program of study specifically for them.

What is your approach?

With young beginners (10 and under), I like to use my proven, self-developed method made up of familiar nursery rhymes and recognizable pieces that progressively add a finger and/or string with each subsequent tune.  For older beginners (11+), I prefer to tackle a few basic songs to first develop open chord forms and right-hand technique before working on songs by the student’s favorite artists.  For more advanced students, I endeavor to supply them with exercises, repertoire, theory and technique to help them in their respective style(s).  To see sample material, go to the sample material page.

Why play guitar?

Guitar is one the most popular, versatile instruments in the world.  This means there is a vast wealth of resources and opportunities for players.  The guitar has been the backbone of popular music for over 60 years which gives us a vast catalog of music from which to draw. Moreover, guitar is a social instrument and can open up pickers to new communities and experiences.  Many different groups, jam sessions, open mics and venues exist to allow guitarists to meet new people and show off their skills. The guitar is also a very portable instrument and can be enjoyed without the need to be accompanied by other musicians.

For children, Science Daily reports “Researchers have found the first evidence that young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year compared to children who do not receive musical training.”  As they get older, the guitar will allow them many social and artistic benefits such as playing in a band or writing their own songs which will boost their confidence and social skills.  Over time, guitar can become a life-long passion and pastime.

Who can learn?

Virtually anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar can do so.  It is one of the easiest instruments on which to learn the basics.  In not much time, you can be playing along to recordings of your favorite songs.  Pretty soon you’ll be leading your friends and family in sing-alongs or even playing in your own band!

Children as young as five years old can begin to play the guitar.  Being young, children aren’t burdened by self-consciousness or heavy responsibilities, giving them the time and patience to develop at their own pace.  I like to keep children having fun by challenging them with various games to develop their technique, aural skills, discipline and creativity.  I believe it is the duty of a music teacher not just to develop a child’s instrumental prowess, but aid their cognitive and personal development as well.

Adults can find improvement if they give themselves that same time and patience to learn.  Often, older students have a problem with being overly self-critical.  However, adults have the advantage of a longer attention span, memory, musical taste and listening skills to aid their growth.  By accentuating the positive in their development, freeing themselves of heavy expectations, and finding daily practice time, adults can discover the same fulfillment in the guitar that a child would.  In the same way that the guitar can help a child’s development, adults too can find the outlet for which they have been searching for years.

Lessons are not just for beginners, either.  Guitar being such a versatile instrument, there is always something new for players to learn regardless of how long they have been playing.  By undertaking new learning techniques, more challenging repertoire and seeking out new influences, everyone can find a way to improve their ability and deepen their love of their instrument.  As a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, I have studied, performed or taught virtually every style of music in Western music.  Therefore, I have a large volume of pedagogy and repertoire to impart to my students.  Whether you’re looking to tackle a new style, brush up on the basic or really challenge yourself, I can find something to make you better.

How do you have your students pay you and what is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

Lessons are pre-paid for on a monthly basis at the final lesson of the previous month (i.e. May tuition will be due at the last lesson of April).  If you know you are going to be unavailable for a lesson in a given month, inform me at the time of payment and you will not be charged it.  Once monthly tuition has been paid, money cannot be returned for a cancellation. Lessons may be rescheduled to a different day of the month at no charge with notice given on the previous day.  Any notice given on the day of the lesson will be considered a cancellation and the student will be charged for the lesson.  Payment may not be credited toward future lessons in lieu of rescheduling/cancellation.


Lesson Schedule


My 8yr old daughter has been taking guitar from Chris for a year now, and we both couldn’t be happier! Santa brought her a guitar and Chris has taken her from not even knowing how to hold it, to picking and strumming in a year.  Her fingers aren’t long enough yet to fret chords, but Chris seems to find ways to expand her knowledge steadily while we wait for her to grow.

Chris is almost always on time, jumps right into the lesson with her and utilizes the half hour efficiently.  He is great at not falling for her 8yr old stalling/question-asking tactics, directing her back to the lesson with ease.  We have had two recitals so far and both have been a positive experience for my daughter.  I have never had a scheduling problem (though admittedly, I don’t think I have ever had to change or cancel a lesson), the rate is competitive and my daughter is happy and progressing.  What more could you ask for?

-Heather Lawrence

The combination of his exceptional skills as a musician and his positive and approachable teaching style is nothing less than the secret sauce that is helping me renew my passion and further my skills as a musician. I am playing guitar now as much as I can, learning amazing skills I never thought I would master and sharing music once again with my family and friends.  One further note — Chris Primeau also exhibits wonderful character and an inspiring work ethic.  I would trust him with bringing the gift of music to students of all ages and I would feel confident that they and their parents would be pleased with their results.

-Gwen Smith

Chris is a genuine guy and a genuinely awesome guitar coach. I am a professional musician that wanted to get to performance-level basic guitar as quickly as possible. Within three months of beginning working with Chris, I won The Recording Conservatory of Austin’s Top Singer-Songwriter Contest backed by my own guitar playing.

Some great benefits to working with Primeau Guitars:
- Chris is very goal-oriented, which appealed to my drive to get on stage on guitar as soon as possible. We keep a sheet of my goals, and we work steadily toward them.
- Chris is very encouraging. When I’m a bit shaky on a piece, but vaguely getting the notes/chords right, he stays very positive and compliments my progress, which helps to keep my motivation up.
- Chris tailors lessons to my goals. He brings materials (TAB and/or sheet music) or puts together materials based on patterns or specific songs I’d like to learn.

I’m very glad I am working with him, and I’m looking forward to working with him to further improve my performance abilities in the future.

-Alyse Black

We’ve really enjoyed Chris teaching our nine year old (with a physical handicap) and our 14 year old.  He has made it fun and they both look forward to working with him.  We appreciate his knowledge and patience (especially with the nine year old)!  Thanks Chris!

-Barbara Carlson

We switched to Chris because our son was stalled out in his guitar development with the past teacher.  Chris has excellent training from Berklee and can teach theory and alternative guitar approaches. He encourages individual music writing and has a great plan for developing our son’s abilities…I think he is simply a superb guitar instructor and that the kids will find him very approachable and fun to work with.

-Bob Patterson, Father of a twelve year-old student


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Picture Gallery


Aiden Sonderman, 8 years old, performing Time Is On My Side at his school talent show.

Aiden Sonderman

Grayson, 13, rocking out on Ten Years Gone

Grayson Shindler

Claire, 9, playing Let It Be


Charlie, 11, performs the melody to Let It Be as I accompany him.


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